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[转贴]HYDE - Live in the US

HYDE - Live in the US

Live Report – The Fillmore, San Francisco, California.

Ever since the announcement of HYDE’s US lives came out on the last day of March, thousands of fans had been waiting ever so patiently for the artist’s American debut. Those who were lucky enough to get any of the tickets to the sold-out shows were able to witness HYDE’s heart-pouring performance on stage. And for those of us who were really privileged, or rather crazy, we got to attend all four of his concerts.

July 6, 2006, shortly after midnight. My friends and I came out of HYDE’s third show at Slim’s just not too long ago. We didn’t get to the venue early enough to line up, and so we were not close enough to the front. As we exited Slim’s and got into a taxi, my friends and I decided that we needed to line up for HYDE’s last show at The Fillmore… now. We kept a rotation of people in order to save our spot throughout the night and day. To our surprise, another group had already gone ahead of us! But at this rate, we should be guaranteed front row.

At 8:00pm, doors to The Fillmore finally opened. We had been in line as a group for close to twenty hours. Once we were in, we were able to rush to the front of the stage. Our effort of lining up overnight totally paid off. I was standing midway between HYDE’s microphone and his bassist’s. This was a perfect spot for me. People behind us started to fill up the room. I was lucky that I did not get pushed around nor did people try to squeeze into the front by force. But my friends on the other side of the stage later on told me that people were fighting for position from all directions, and they ended up having bruises on themselves all over the place.

At 10:00pm, Beethoven’s Ode To Joy came roaring out the speakers. Then HYDE led his band onto the stage and was warmly welcomed by the sold-out crowd. This was it. This was the start of the last show, and I was watching it from the first row. I braced myself at the railing in front of me, as the fans behind me were pushing me forward, although I wasn’t going anywhere.

The first song of the night was JESUS CHRIST, which was about the near death of a loved one and the question of faith. When HYDE held out his arms as he sang the phrase, “Ah, God give me death,” his powerful voice channeled through the roof into the sky with the help of over 1,100 passionate fans singing along. SWEET VANILLA was next, which rocked the all-standing crowd to their feet.

Then came the beginning of the bass solo of one of my favorite songs, MADE IN HEAVEN. I was ecstatic. When the melody rose from the low all the way to high, the whole floor erupted. Everyone held up his or her arms. HYDE sang, “I want your blood, give it to me... Come, drink my blood, lose all reason…” The desire in his eyes spoke to us. Like all faithful followers, we all chanted along our cult leader.

“You guys have a great voice,” said HYDE during his MC.

Since the start of this US tour, the American crowd had always sung along each and every song. According to a Japanese fan who had flown halfway across the globe to see HYDE, she told me that Japanese fans wouldn’t normally sing along the entire song. She also said that in America, people pushed a lot more during the lives, whereas in Japan the fans would have gotten angry at the pushing.

After we got all warmed up, the next song was about love, HYDE said, and it was called SEASON’S CALL. The pace of the concert slowed down just a little from the hard rock piece earlier while we briefly caught our breath. The pushing has stopped, at least for a moment. HYDE’s sentiments and thoughts about his loved ones were brought out in the lyrics of the song, as he finished with “My beloved season calls me. Because I always feel you in me.” HYDE then strummed his guitar and began the vocal and guitar solo portion of EVERGREEN. This rock rendition of his solo debut song was sorrowful and beautiful at the same time, as he sang about the memories of a lost friend. The hard rock tune of DOLLY was next.

“Everyone get crazy with me!” HYDE demanded.

Lights flashed on the stage as bassist, HIROKI, and lead guitarist, KAZ, got to the front to stir the crowd. Once again, people were pushing, and this time I almost fell. I had to re-establish my position in the front by hanging onto the railing. Fists were pumping in the air and we all jumped according to the heavy beat. HYDE’s intense expression conveyed the fierce emotion and determination that was described to bring back a loved one into life using clones and technology. The heavy set continued onto the next. IT’S SAD was a song about judgment of human beings, the worst creatures in history who caused wars and conflicts. HYDE condemned the human race in his song: “The ground will find some peace when we’re gone. It’s sad.”

While the stage lights dimmed to a shimmering silver tint, the bassist, HIROKI, began a lyrical bass solo. HYDE followed in, this time with his semi-acoustic guitar. He and the rest of his band then graced us with several peaceful minutes of pure ensemble. With the message of his new album being “love and death”, the piece eased its way into the slowest part of the set, PERFECT MOMENT, a song HYDE described as being in a moment so perfect that he would be happy to die in it. KAZ’s skillful guitar play was dreamy, as if detached from this world. HIROKI’s bass line was melodious and expressive. This performance showcased HYDE’s falsetto as he created a tranquil setting for the song. The pace picked up slowly once again when the next number, FAITH, the titled song of his latest album, came on.

After the music stopped, it was time for the band introduction. During the first three nights, this portion was recited by different members of HYDE’s band. Tonight, it was HIROKI’s turn. He tried his best with his heavily accented English to introduce to us his fellow band members. FURUTON was the name of the drummer in the back. JIN was the keyboardist who dressed in a black cape wearing a white mask and long creepy dreadlocks. KAZ was the powerful lead guitarist on the right, showing off his prominent tattoos on both arms. And of course our vocalist and guitarist, HYDE, who really needed no introduction, received the loudest cheer from the audience. At one point, HIROKI made a mistake saying certain words in English, but the crowd gladly forgave him.

“Come on, Lucy!!!” HYDE screamed into his microphone.

I jumped up and down vigorously when I heard those three words. This totally rocked-out cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, originally by The Beatles, had been the highlight of his three previous concerts. Tonight was no exception. The lighting from The Fillmore even enhanced the whole experience by casting warm colorful tones onto the stage during the slower verses. The majority of this young crowd in the audience probably had never even heard the original song before, but it didn’t matter. We burst out singing during the refrain, and the whole floor became a bouncing wave people, all jumping in unison.

HYDE took this energy and rolled into the next hit HELLO. He barely sang half of the lyrics because he was letting us serenade him. We sang our hearts out, even though the words were all in Japanese. He was for the most part away from his microphone, and he used this chance to get closer to his fans. He must be so proud of us. After the end of the song, he came directly in front of me, and started strumming his guitar. We cheered. He did it again, and we cheered again. This repeated a couple of times, and led itself to the song PRAYER, a heavy, medium tempo rock piece. The crowd then partied to the tune of MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION, which took the show to its next climax. Once again, HYDE barely sang his part as we took over his. He didn’t seem to mind at all. But before we knew it, time had caught up on us, and HYDE had left the stage.

I found myself back in reality, even for just a few brief moments. I rested my arms onto the railing before me. They were sore from being raised for long periods of time. My leg muscles were tired from holding myself in position and withstanding other pushing fans. Chants of encore came from all over the music hall, but I decided to save my remaining energy for when HYDE did come back out. When adrenaline was flowing, I didn’t realize how tired I was. But now during this time of rest, I just realized I was really exhausted. I laid my head on my arms and chilled out for a moment.

After about ten minutes of cheering, HYDE and his band came back out for the encore segment. The crowd pushed again, but I was holding on tight. HYDE asked us to countdown from thirteen with him, so we did, leading into the heavy number, COUNTDOWN. Next, HYDE’s guitar accompanied his own vocal at the start of HIDEAWAY, a crowd favorite. And before the final song of the night, he did one last MC segment. He thanked his band members, blowing kisses at them. He thanked his tour staff, and most importantly, he thanked all of us in the audience.

Throughout this whole US tour, he had told us how much fun he was having playing before us. He had told us he was very happy. He had asked us whether we would come to see him again if he came back. And this time, he made a promise with us:

“I’ll be back.”

A deafening cheer from the audience followed. And it was only fitting that the final song of the night was called UNEXPECTED. I was overcome by different emotions and thoughts, and I could not decide how to react. I was sad that the whole tour was coming to an end, but at the same time, I now had something to look forward to – HYDE’s return. In the end, my hope and excitement of being able to see HYDE in the future again, were able to hold back the tears that would have otherwise fallen due to the ending of this amazing tour.

I decided to sing along with the rest of the crowd, to the simple lyrics of “Unexpected. Promises woven.” Our voices echoed throughout the space in the concert hall, especially during the moments when all the performers stopped their play. It felt like time has stopped. At the conclusion of the song, HYDE rocked himself out, and played the guitar while lying on the stage floor.

And then, it was all over. HYDE blew us kisses and walked off the stage in the warmest cheers and applause. The band members threw picks and drumsticks into the crowd. Only those who were lucky and brave enough were able to beat everyone around them for a souvenir to take home. HIROKI’s pick came straight at me, but in the end, it hit somebody’s hand and disappeared.

I had said this before to my friends, but let me write it here again. HYDE's words touch my mind and his music would always have a place in my heart. And even now that his US tour is over, I will always remember the one week in my life that I have done nothing but captured his smile, his stare, his words, his voice, and his music inside me. I feel extremely privileged to have been able to be part of something this intense and special for an entire week. And this, nobody can ever take this away from me.

Written by Wynne Ip









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[转贴]HYDE Anime Expo Q+A
HYDE Anime Expo Q+A

MC: Let’s give a big welcome to Hyde! So what do you think of being here?

HYDE: Hello! I never thought there’d be so many people.

MC: Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans?

HYDE: Thank you all so much for coming.

MC: So how do you feel about your newest album FAITH being released in the US ?

HYDE: Well, I’ve been listening to American music for as long as I can remember, so I’m very honored to be able to release my own work in the US .

MC: What’s your favorite part of your album, FAITH?

Hyde: All of it, because I put everything I had into making this album.

So, from International Music Feed, we have this first question. In the past, you’ve done theme songs for TV anime. What is something you’re careful about when you write these theme songs?

HYDE: There is a symbiotic relationship…I don’t think it’s right for the song and the show to be too disparate. A song can heighten the world of the story, so I try hard to write a song that has a symbiotic relationship, a song that improves the images.

The next question will be are you interested in making a full soundtrack for an anime or a movie in the future?

HYDE: I don’t really have any interest in producing a soundtrack, but I would like to actually direct a movie or a storyline myself.

MC: Now we’ll move on to the questions collected from the website.

You composed many of the songs on L’Arc~en~Ciel latest album, AWAKE. The album had a resounding message which shone through your words and music. What is FAITH ’s message?
- Question from Lily Escobedo / Santa Ana, CA

HYDE: The message of FAITH is love and death.

What’s the difference between having a solo act and a band?

HYDE: When you’re in a band you’re all making something together, so sometimes you create things that you never would have thought of on your own. But with my solo work, I’m making everything on my own, so I can make things exactly the way I want to.

Do certain events in your life inspire you to make songs?
- Question from Rebecca Nguyen / Santa Ana, CA

HYDE: Of course. It’s everything. Everything gives me inspiration, all of the experiences I’ve been through in my life. I mean, if I didn’t have L ’Arc~en~Ciel , I would never have my solo career either.

I’m curious at how the lyrics process has changed over the years for HYDE and whether he still sees eye-to-eye with his younger lyrics from his L’Arc~en~ciel career (DUNE, Tierra) ? Is the writing process the same for his English?
- Question from Leanne Rivera / Bronx, NY

HYDE: In the past I would paint a picture and then write my lyrics. That was the easiest way for me to really get the images I wanted. Every time I write lyrics they feel new to me, but lately I had a chance to look over some of my old lyrics and I realized that I’m always saying the same thing. I guess my way of thinking has never really changed.

Who or what kinds of factors influence your clothing style?
-Question from Lauren Ortencio / West Covina, CA

HYDE: Clothes? Let’s see…(Pause)

MC: Well then, how did you choose the clothes you’re wearing today?

HYDE: Today I just wanted to be comfortable. I picked out these pants first, and then I decided what would match with them.

What do you find most rewarding about what you do, do fans in Japan and here in America act the same way or differently when they get to meet you and is it a more shocking experience meet with Japanese or American fans?
- Question from Franklin Fang / Garden Grove, CA

HYDE: Something I’m proud of…When I hear people’s stories about how listening to the music that we’ve made makes them happy, or that it’s helped them get over something sad, that makes me so proud. This is my first time to get to meet my American fans up close, and seeing how many people were waiting for me…it’s really brought this all home to me, and I’m really happy.

What kind of sight-seeing, if any, have you done while in California ?
-Question from Francesca Oscoda / MI

HYDE: I went shopping yesterday, but I forget where I went…(he can’t remember the name of the place, so he asks the MC) Oh well, I went shopping yesterday. And the last time I came to Los Angeles , I went rollerblading by the ocean.

MC: Really? I didn’t know you rollerbladed!?

HYDE (In English): Yes!

Do you intend to return to USA to perform again some day? On a side note I would like to say that I am so happy you have come to perform in USA you have made many fans dreams come true including mine! Hontoni Arigatou Gozaimasu!
- Question from Ashley Brown / Roseville, CA

HYDE: Tomorrow will be my first solo show in the US . I don’t know how it will go, but I’m really excited. I hope that this won’t be the last time I come here. I hope that this is just the beginning.


The audience! An amazing number of people turned out to hear HYDE speak.

More audience! waiting patiently!

I know, I know, you aren't scrolling all this way to see pictures of the audience, but I told you, these pics were hard for me to come by.

At last! A picture of HYDE answering some fan questions.

HYDE is a busy man, so an autograph is extremely hard to come by. One of the few he signed while in the States was on this huge banner for Tofu Records.
[转贴]HYDE Anime Expo Q+A …の続きを読む
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New Hydeist Faith Tour Goods

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[转贴]Anime New Network Interview
Anime New Network interview



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L'Arc~en~Ciel 15周年記念リリース第二弾

『Blurry Eyes』から『forbidden lover』までの初期シングル

『Blurry Eyes』
『Vivid Colors』
『夏の憂鬱[time to say good-bye]』
『Lies and Truth』
『the Forth Avenue Cafe』
『winter fall』
『浸食 -lose control-』
『snow drop』
『forbidden lover』


L'Arc~en~Ciel 15周年記念『L'Arcafe』オープン!


東京都渋谷区宇田川町31-2 渋谷ビーム7F
OPEN 10:00 / CLOSE 24:00


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今天到达了SAN FRANCISCO,是头一次来。













对了,这次给live热场的是THE BLACK LIST CULB,是给艾维尔弹吉它的人所组的乐队,外形和声音都很棒啊。










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话说周日 头晕了一天
在家休息 这一天过得真是难受啊
只能睡 坐着都头晕 貌似有点低烧
反正肯定不能走路 一走就倒下了
人最脆弱的时候啊 浑身冷汗
从那一刻开始 我就米觉得头晕了
神奇 难道医院在我的浅意识里还有作用
反正到了医院 就白白戳了几针
吊了两个多小时的盐水 唉
不过从医院回来之后 感觉就生龙活虎拉
2006-07-04 Tue 18:53
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两场比赛 真是折腾人啊
但是 阿根廷被淘汰 米心情了
再加上附加赛和点球 时间拖了很久
于是也米好好睡觉 等意大利的比赛

开场就有惊喜 所以看球的时候还是兴奋的
米有郁闷到要睡着 但是因因米上场
这点是我超级不爽 一直不能释怀啊
就凭这一点 我就恨里皮一万年!!!

然后洗了把脸 继续回去睡觉
真的是好累 好累
钟爱意大利 也是钟爱帅哥的结果

2006-07-01 Sat 22:24
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Asia Live-Round & Round 2005

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| ๑۩ﺴ๑下雪の那一天๑ﺴ۩๑ |