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hyde's solo history
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Introduce hyde's solo history

HYDE is also known as the vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel, one of the biggest rock bands in Asia.
With spiritual rock as his concept, HYDE began his solo project with the release of his first single “evergreen” on October 17, 2001 from his own label, Haunted Records.
A second single, “Angel’s tale” soon followed. Released on December 12, 2001 , the beautiful ballad was what you might call “HYDE’s vision for a Christmas song.” “Shallow Sleep”, the third single, was released on February 27, 2002 but differed from the previous two in it’s pop-beat tune.
With three hit singles, HYDE’s long-awaited first solo album, “ROENTGEN” (Japanese Version) was released in Japan on March 27. 2002. An INTERNATIONAL VERSION, consisting of all English language recordings, was also released exclusively for all of the Asian territories.
The second stage of HYDE’s solo career started off with the single “HELLO”, released on June 4, 2003 , which went all the way to #1 on the ORICON charts. With the single “HELLO”, HYDE took on more of a rock edge, showing complete contrast from his previous work. The fourth single “HORIZON” was released on November 6, 2003 , and the release of his second album “666” quickly followed on December 3, 2003 . The following year, HYDE toured Japan for the first time as a solo artist (10 cities / 20 shows).
In 2004, HYDE appeared in his second movie “MOON CHILD” and simultaneously released the International version of “ROENTGEN” on October 14, 2004 . A music video collection DVD called “ROENTGEN STORIES” was then released in Japan on November 3, 2004 .
In 2005, HYDE lent his songwriting talents to the movie “NANA”, writing not only the song used as the theme, but also the main song which the title character Nana sings in the movie. This project created a lot of buzz as it was the first time in which HYDE had written a song for another artist.
In October 2005, HYDE kicked off the third stage of his solo career, making a comeback with his sixth single “COUNTDOWN” which returned him to the #1 position on the ORICON charts. In February 2006, with the release of his seventh single “SEASON’S CALL”, HYDE proved himself a mainstay in the pole position on the ORICON charts, returning once again to #1. Presently, HYDE is preparing the release of his third solo album and will begin touring Japan in April.

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