褪不去的是身上彩虹的印记 跟着那个会唱歌的身体 一起转圈圈吧★`·.¸¸.☆
VAPMS Official Store
VAPMS Official Store
我缩减了一下网站的帮助信息 贴一下主要内容而已
我又一时冲动了 泪水 早知道不该去看的

[Payment method]
We will only accept the payment by credit card.
VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
US dollar and Euro are accepted currencies.

[Shipping and Handling Charges]
The ordered item will be delivered by EMS.
The item will be delivered to the following countries.
India, Bangladesh, Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia, Brunei, Guam, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, China
In case multiple items are ordered, the shipping will be after all items are ready. (We will not make partial shipments.)
For one shipment, a flat packing and shipping fee of 4,000 yen will be charged.


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