褪不去的是身上彩虹的印记 跟着那个会唱歌的身体 一起转圈圈吧★`·.¸¸.☆
[转贴]青学Live的MC from ARK
While he was in the backstage Hyde ate a hamburger
The sound was quite bad as well as audience manners it seems.
On the stage there was the big crucifix of 666 tour.
Kaz and Hiroki (some report Hyde as well) did jankenpon to decide who will be doing MC.

I'm Hyde. I'm a virgin of Festival so please be kind.
It's hot!
I heard that to do live here you need to be a student (or you need to manage to enter this university)
I wanted to do the yakisoba, typical of Culture Festival, but no matter how many times I asked I was told no because I'm not a student
Next year I'll undertake the admission so I can make yakisoba

I thought "University students have an old image, but here I see pretty people. Is it really a University? Then I thought well and actually I'm myself an oldie.
青学!青学!青学!青学!青学!青学!青学! (lit. Aogaku )
Next year I'll enter this university.
So I'll call all of you senpai!

It's hot! It's from highschool time that I didn't sweat this much.
Let me introduce to you a new member. There's a song that I'm not able to sing, but it's suitable for this student (a she student nè) XXchan!

Invite me again next year!!

2005-10-30 Sun 10:24
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